• Happy New Year (by Lena Kathleen Taylor Norman).

    New Year, renewed dedication to your goals.

    What do you want to accomplish this year?

    1. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. State clearly what you want from the universe, and from yourself. Be specific. Write out your goal so that you won’t forget them.

    2. MOVE FROM "WANT" TO "WILL". Keep in mind  what you want using the word "will". Your statement now becomes: Feel the shift internally. You WILL do this. This attitude shift is forward thinking, and does not dwell in the past.

    3. CREATE A PLAN TO GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO. Creating the plan keeps you accountable. Set aside time to make the plan. Sit down with your current version of what you have and what you wish, a calendar, and a sense of optimism.. and plan it out!  

    4. TAKE ACTION. Just do it, whatever it is. Move forward boldly. Stay dedicated and focused ! YOU CAN DO IT !!

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