Give me a friend worth having

    Give me strength for helping

    Give me a day when the sun shone

    On which the good walk this earthly home


    Give me a song worth singing,
    Through the pouring rain the sky is bringing;
    Give me a day totally bereft of misfortune,
    When the stars all danced through heaven in tune.

    Give me a husband gentle to his wife,
    Give me a friend who would give his very life
    Give me a king filled with nothing but princely virtue,
    Who would give away his palace for me and for you.

    Give me truth unburdened by lies
    Give me a young lovers' innocent sighs,
    Untainted by all the greed of the senses,
    Like a heart seen through rose tinted lenses.

    Give me something worth living for,
    A world that is the way it was before
    But as tempted as I am to ask of you I finally resist,
    Because I know you cannot give me what does not exist.

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